Business Improvement (Automotive specialist)

Are you running your business or is it running you?

Is your bottom line lower than you would like it to be?

Or just feeling like you need help improving your business?

By contacting Motium you can engage with a consultant that really cares about your business.

Why should they? because your business is our business. Without you we’d have no business, so we’ll treat yours like our own.

Our consultancy services are bespoke to every customer. We work with you in small stages, helping you to achieve your short term targets and long term goals.

We’ll use a combination of process management methods, best practise, people management and change management tools to create your individual journey. “If you can dream it, you can do it! ” Walt Disney

Process management / Improvement

Businesses generally fall into two classes when it comes to processes:

  • some have none; and
  • some have too many.

Not sure which category you fall into?

By inviting one of our consultants to engage with your business, we can help you to streamline your processes.

Using our customer focused approach, we’ll support you in delivering a result that achieves significant improvements; both in customer and employee satisfaction. Which in return will improve return on investment.

Change Management

No one likes change, not even the team at Motium! However, we all need to innovate!

Change management can be difficult particularly when it’s a complete cultural change within a business. Our consultants at Motium can help – we can coach, manage and support managers and businesses through these difficult, but necessary times, acting as a fresh and impartial point of contact.

Working with you, we will pull together a plan and then help you to implement it, if necessary. Furthermore we’ll coach your teams and managers on how to implement change in the future.

Customer retention planning and improvement

Generating new customers costs more than keeping the ones you already have. Retaining customers within your company or brand is necessary to continue to sell additional products and services, therefore maximising potential and profit opportunities. An additional benefit is that your current customers will also refer you to potential new customers.

Talk to us and we’ll assess your current retention rate and process and once this is complete, we’ll work with you to support your retention programme.

Customer journey review & improvement planning

The customer journey is as important today as it’s always been.

With the advent of social networks it’s easier than ever before to generate a bad customer review or response. Taking a look at the customer journey and all the touch points involved in it, whether direct or indirect, can be a major influencer in the customers buying experience.

A key function in the journey, which can sometimes be overlooked, is how it’s measured and how the feedback from this measure is perceived and handled by your team.

At Motium we deliver a realistic and practical approach to assessing the customer experience and then adding value through working with you and your team to improve it.



Greater profitability

Increased cash flow

Time effective

Increased sales

Increased customer retention

Increased customer loyalty

Improved team communication

Increased productivity

Greater efficiency

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