Business Improvement (Automotive Specialist) Recording telephone calls

The inception of the internet has evolved new customer buying processes, which means that customers research and shop online more before they approach a business. This means that customers make a more informed enquiry over the telephone. Maximising these leads and potential sales is significantly important – customers can be won or lost if this activity isn’t measured and managed. Alongside this evolution your teams need to understand how to maximise this opportunity, this is how Motium can help.

We can supply you with a dedicated call handling platform that enables a small or large business to manage, measure and report on this activity, along with the added benefits of call recording, call queuing, answer phone, call divert and many more useful features. All of this can be managed quite simply via our online software or app. Or we can use your current recording software and help you to maximise the benefits of focused call handling.

Reviewing / Monitoring and coaching on handling techniques

Do you have a sophisticated and expensive telephone system or do you feel that the phones are ringing off the hook but there doesn’t seem to be the return on the activity? Either way we can help.

Engaging with a Motium consultant will enable you to get an open an honest appraisal of your call handling and they’ll offer a simple and affordable solution that will demonstrate a return on investment, just through answering the telephone.

Telephone Handling Process Improvement

No one likes change, even the team at Motium. However, we all need to do it to move our businesses forward. Change management can be difficult, particularly when it’s a complete culture change. And the consultants at Motium can help. We can coach, manage and support managers/businesses through these difficult but necessary times, acting as a fresh and impartial point of contact.

So how can Motium help? With our dedicated call management or by using your own call management system, we can draw out the most effective customer call journey to enable you to maximise on every telephone enquiry.

Telephone Sales Improvement

All businesses small or large depend upon closing calls and maximising opportunities via the telephone.

Whether it’s inbound call enquiries or outbound sales calls, we can help to coach/train your telephone team on how to get the most from their activity.


Improved customer handling

Improved customer satisfaction

Increased sales

Improved marketing spend

Training needs analysis

Improved performance and efficiency

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